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4 Tips For Taking Engagement Photographs

4 Tips For Taking Engagement Photographs

For starters being engaged is one of the relationships most special moments, this is a time that the couple begins planning the rest of their lives together. Is there anything more fun or important than setting up your future successes together? So you being to plan your wedding, your reception, parties and all the other fun stuff that start your life off on the right foot together. Here at Perfect Price Photography we have been an Indianapolis Wedding Photography company now for about 7 years at this point, but we have over 12 years of experience in the industry. As time has gone by we have noticed a few things to make these moments a little bit easier on the bride and groom, so I figured I would list a few tips for making your Engagement Photography help you get your word to the world that you are getting married set up just the way you envision them!

Make it fun, light & exciting

All the prepping for the Big Events and all the time it takes can really start to give added stress to even the most organized of people. So keep it light and fun, this will really help bring out that big beautiful smile that you want the world to see! Don’t be afraid to randomly kiss or hug anything that is real and shows affection will turn out spectacular on the camera. There is nothing quite like a genuine smile when your significant other tells an inside joke or says something silly and your photographs will reflect it as well.

Take Advantage of the season

Take a quick moment to discuss with your loved one what is your favorite season? Perhaps you both love baseball and you realize that having the outside type of engagement shoot is what you want on your wedding Save the Dates. Perhaps a wintery snow fall with snowflakes falling is what you envision for your engagement photography. No matter the reason take a moment to analyze what you want and lets plan how we can make this come to a reality.

Keep It Simple

There are too many times to count where couple plan out a photo shoot to the T, we are talking make up done, hair done all by a professional. They plan out everything to the cuff links on an outfit and we being the shoot. Well these pictures turn out amazing and beautiful, but then when they go do an outfit change to get ready to leave. I alway take them once they have changed back into their every day clothes that they are comfortable and can be themselves in and throw a quick blanket on surrounded by tall grass and BOOM! This is the picture they use more often than not because they can be themselves and are comfortable around each other and the pressure is off them. Questions? Contact Us today we would love to answer all your questions!



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