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Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Wedding Photographer

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Wedding Photographer

Finding the right Indianapolis wedding photography company can be stressful because you want to find the right people to capture your wedding day in a way that represents you and your partner.  The key to avoiding disappointment and getting the product you really want starts with asking the right questions in your initial meeting, that is where we come in today!

We have compiled a list of go to questions that many people ask their Indianapolis wedding photography company are asked on a regular basis (as well as a few questions that could save you heartache after your wedding day).

We have a combined 10 years of wedding and engagement photography experience, we offer a free consultation with each couple to figure out their colors, venue, specific photography style and poses, as well as any other unique topics that arise- so we know a thing or two about prepping for your big day.


Because of our experience as a preferred Indianapolis wedding photographer, we can say with great certainty that amateur photographers (a.k.a. someone who attends your wedding and happens to have a nice camera) will not give you the same quality photos as a professional. Going this way will absolutely reduce your spending, but you may also end up not getting the pictures you want and some things are worth more than money, like memories. Knowing how to adjust lighting, blend into the crowd, and get the shot you didn’t know you wanted only happens when the person behind the camera has experience and dedication to the art. Asking questions of your potential photographer can help you decide if they possess these qualities to the extent you would like.

Questions to relieve stress and headache regarding your wedding photography:

  1. Will my wedding photographs be digitally remastered and color corrected?

Anyone who is charging for professional photography services should answer “YES!” to this question. If they don’t, take your money elsewhere. This is a basic part of providing pictures that truly represent your day because no matter how perfect the setting, sometimes things happen that need to be altered. Make sure that your photographer not only will fix the flaws in the pictures, but that they also have the knowledge and experience to do it correctly.

At PPP, we edit every picture to ensure the highest quality while leaving it as natural as possible. We know that having an “over-processed” photo is no better than having a photo with flaws. We use high quality technology and take our time learning each process so that the end result is something of which we are proud and you absolutely love. Note, that we say “every photo” because we don’t require you to choose only a few pictures to keep. You get them all. Which leads into our next question!

2. What is included in my package/ How many photos will I get?

You may think this is an obvious one because who wouldn’t tell you what you get up front, right? Wrong. Make sure that your photographer can tell you what you are paying for. Does your engagement shoot come with any outfit changes? How many photos will be remastered? Of those remastered photos, how many do you get to keep? Will you get a digital copy? Do you have to purchase extra prints from the photographer or will you have full rights after the fact? Any photographer worth their salt will be more than happy to answer these questions because they understand the importance of their roll.

Choosing PPP as your wedding photographer makes the answer to these questions very simple. We remaster every picture and give every single one of them to you on a disc or flash-drive so that you can access your memories and print as many as you would like. To us, giving you full access to the memories of your day just makes sense.

3. How long after my wedding will it take for my proofs to be ready to review?

This will vary a little based of the length of your wedding day coverage. The more hours your Indianapolis wedding photographer covers, the more photographs there are to go through and color correct. The standard for us at Perfect Price Photography is to provide you with proofs 30 to 60 days after your wedding! Check out our portfolio for some of our finished proofs.

Obviously, these are just a few of the questions you will want to ask your photographer but they are (in our opinion) some of the most important that often go un-asked because they seem to be common sense. The best advise we can give is this:

Choose a photographer who you are comfortable with and trust. If you feel like you don’t connect, then you may want to rethink hiring them. Your photographer will ultimately be the one who tells the story of your wedding day so be sure that they will do so in a manner that reflects you and your spouse. Don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions you have, no matter how “silly” they may seem. If if it important to you, it should be important to your photographer.