The day started off with excitement it was a house full of bridesmaids and flower girls and they were ecstatic about the big day. The Bridesmaids went first for make-up and hair, the flower girls were amazed at all the make-up and you know they wanted to look just like the bride so of course they got a lil’ make over as well. Meanwhile the bride was sitting on the floor putting artsy, touches on the chalk boards (this bride is very creative) she made so many things for the wedding. Once the bride was ready to get her make-up and hair done the flower girls got dressed in the most adorable flower girl dresses ever, they even had a train and ruffles.  It was like a true fairy tale moment a real life princess dress. The bride’s enthusiasm HIT A NEW HIGH as the time grew nearer, her hair was getting finishing touches and her make-up was flawless, she was ready for the big moment, the time had come to put on her wedding day bridal gown.