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“Capture Your World” and what that means to us at Perfect Price Photography, one simple word “everything!” We love to capture you wedding and engagement’s special moments those quick candid smiles and laughs to the “you may kiss your bride” moment. We are versed in different styles of wedding photography so no matter your style we are here for you on your wedding day. So what’s your style? Romantic, creative, photjournalistic or natural lighting we are ready for your big day! So you can just focus on having a fun stress free day, let us focus on the details and the moments that you will want to remember for a lifetime! .

Wedding Photography

Why choose us for your big day?

Well we love us some tasty coffee and have tons of accolades! Perhaps its because we are funny and are just easy to be around? No, the real reason to choose us is because we are dedicated to making your memories last a lifetime and create artistic photographs that you can’t just get anywhere! We work hard to ensure your photography is one less thing you need to worry about on your wedding day! We have packages that include one or two photographers so we are prepared for your ceremony no matter how large the crowd.

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Engagement Photography

Don’t Forget About Engagement Photography!

We love exploring and capturing your love, creating those one of a kind artistic moments that show the world your love before your wedding day. Yeah, we love being the artist behind the lens for these shoots! It’s important to have something important and meaningful to you, to is unique to your love together. So lets talk about going to the baseball field or that log cabin where you met, and create the jaw dropping memories that will last forever.

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What should I wear to the engagement photoshoot?

Before the shoot take a moment and shift through the closet or go shopping to pick out a few outfits that make you, well, feel like you! Be sure to complement each other but, by all means definitely do not match if possible! When in doubt, cool colors like pastels and neutral tones like grays are always a sure fire way to make a your photo’s really “Pop!”

Can I bring a friend?

Generally, we try to create a romantic environment which can be difficult enough with us sticking our lens in the middle of things! If there are a select few fun or cute pictures that you want and they must include a friend, well then by all means bring a close friend to the shoot. But after we get those few shots we may ask for a few moments with just the two of you.

I have specific poses in mind.

Not a problem!!!! This is very normal and happens at almost every wedding, show us what your looking for and we will do our best to recreate that shot. Every scenery is different and lighting can be hit the  camera lens differently, but we understand these pictures mean a lot to you and your spouse so we will get them as close as possible.

What’s your travel cost?

Depends, we do not charge extra for travel unless we are required to drive over an hour to get to the location, flight or hotel is involved. We went to Texas on a destination wedding, it was our first time in Texas so we didn’t know what to expect. We had an amazing time and the photo’s turned out spectacular! The travel cost was the cost of the hotel for two days, car rental and time spend for the package they purchased. We make it as easy as we can and keep costs to a minimum so you would feel comfortable recommending us to your family and friends!

What if it rains?

Number 1. You will still love your photo’s! Sprinkle or downpour no matter the case never give up hope on your wedding day, all the guests feed off your energy. So what if it rains you ask? Embrace it! Its out of your hands anyways, so rain or shine we or you can talk to the venue to get creative and find that backup plan. Number 2 it’s not our first rodeo we have lens that can zoom from far away where we can hid under a ledge or something!


Every wedding is different but time is money, we do require a deposit at we will discuss at your free consultation. Simply put, we reserved the day for you and the time set aside for one client is time that we can not use for another client. That is why we require a non refundable deposit to secure your date and we set aside that time space for you and your spouse and do research on the venue and surrounding locations to ensure you get the best photo’s possible!