Walsh Wedding

Romance & Dancing

Young Love for the Bride and Groom- these two were such a fun couple. We had a fantastic setting all
day, the Ceremony and reception both took place at the Columbia Club. So you know what that
means….. Downtown Indy scenery for Bridal Party Photos, perfect location for outdoor shots. Inside the
Columbia Club was the amazing wall of windows were the Ceremony took place- gorgeous.
This wedding felt like a party most of the day, we had groomsmen tossing a football to bridesmaids
posing as gorgeous models then the real party started – reception time. I think this wedding gets the
award for Most danced at wedding! One of the first dances was the father daughter dance and then
after a few mins she invited all Fathers and daughters to dance with them… so special. The whole crowd
danced for the whole night it was absolutely a blast to capture.