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The Look

On your big day do you want the “JAW-TO-The-FLOOR,” room stopping wedding photography? Absolutely! Perfect Price Photography we can promise that you will love working with us, we have 5 years of experience and long history of wedding photography. We love our craft and work hard to know how to make you look great in your wedding photos and we want to show you “THE DIFFERENCE.” Contact us and lets set up a time to meet your and your future spouse. Because we understand that “CAPTURING YOUR STYLE” the most important part of your wedding.


There are a lot of studios that do “What” we do. They share the same methods of “How” to do business, what sets us apart is the “Who” & the “Why.”  Our Clients inspire our drive & passion for photography. We combine business sense with “Creative” ideas to give each client a “Personal” experience. We focus on what matters most


The Feel

Your wedding day can be full of every emotion from happy to electric, but we all agree there is one emotion that you want to be gone and that is “STRESS.” So why not choose us for your Indianapolis Wedding Photographer so you can feel at ease with your photography? We will make sure you feel at ease with the entire experience, so that your wedding can be more “ENERGETIC AND HAPPY!”energetic and happy! So your personal style can shine through on your wedding day, the one thing we want you to feel is “TRUST.”


At the core of every being, there is a beautiful moment. It takes strong values and a creative mind in order to do what we do. Anyone can take a good picture, but we are more than that. Let us do what we do best


The Fun

These are your wedding pictures, they’re meant to bring out your style. So smile and have some fun with your photographer, after all they are meant to "LAST FOREVER!" The last thing you want is a boring or even worse, a wedding photographer that just doesn’t “GET” you. Contact us so you can get to know your wedding photographer before you book! Lets have a cup of coffee learn about what you wants in a wedding photographer!